Wishing vs. Working for success

Lately, I have been researching how to start a successful photography business. On every piece of advice I have found, one thing kept coming up...

Make a website and start a blog.

Now, I have tried this blog thing before on various occasions, and even as a side job with Odyssey. But for one reason or the next I would stop. However, I want a successful business not one that will die in a few years, or at least die without putting up a full blown fight. Most businesses will die within the first five years, whether it be due to lack of marketing, finances, or just plain giving up on a lost dream. However, here I am trying to get this business up and running. Now this is not the only thing I have on my plate, I am a college student who is very involved in extracurriculars, I have recently begun to raise show lambs, and during spring and fall semester I typically have 1-2 part-time jobs. Even with all my activities I knew I wanted to try and do this. I do not want to just keep scrolling through my newsfeed and Pinterest seeing things I wish I could do, and not put any real effort to try and do them.

Am I guaranteed to succeed?

Nope, but neither was Steve Jobs, or any other successful businessmen or women out there. If I fail? Okay, then I know I tried and I failed. In all honesty, I would really be the only one who truly knew about my failure, and on some levels the only one who cares if I fail. Might even be the only one who reads this post...but so what I am at least out here in this super competitive world with amazing photographers near and far, trying. I am working at trying to be successful because I am tired of just sitting and wishing to be successful, or waiting for more time, or for me to be older than twenty years old so people might take me more seriously. But here's the thing if I can somehow make myself successful when I am 20, just watch out world for the 25 year old version of myself.


Everyone has a dream, so instead of daydreaming and wishful thinking about it, get out there and at least start working on it. Everything incredible in this life was not built in one day, that's why it takes time, and patience, and well everyone knows practice makes perfect.

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