Creating a Photography Website For FREE Editor

When it came time to decide how I was going to create my photography website, I knew I did not want to break bank doing so. There is tons of options out there anymore for creating websites, or even hiring companies to fully create a website for you.

However, due to my budget and my wanting to control my creativity I decided to build my own website with the help of Due to various school projects, I already knew how to use Wix. is super user-friendly and also has a free option. I ended up splurging a little to buy a personalized domain name, otherwise Wix, will give you a domain name that is Since I wanted ease of use later down the road I chose to buy a domain during Wix's promotional period of 50% off.

What I love about compared to other sites similar such as Wordpress, or even Google Sites is the amount of personalization you can truly put into your site. Wix allows users to move, delete, create with very few limitations. It also allows users to start with hundreds of templates that help users move forward in the right direction. also allows you to easily edit the mobile version of your website, so you know what your visitors will see when using their smart phones.

Another thing that is cool about is the amount of built-in apps that are being created specifically for photographers such as right-click protection, portfolios, online booking, and much more. All of these making it easier to not just create a website, but a beautiful website tailored for your own photography business.


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