My Favorite Moments To Capture!

Anyone who knows me, could probably guess that I love shooting livestock shows, or anything that can combine my passion for agriculture with photography. However, there are also other moments I love to capture. I am the type of person who likes to have fun, and I always feel like I have the hit the gold at the end of the rainbow when I can capture moments of others having fun. Its when they have a smile that lights up their face so much that you know they began to completely forget I was even there capturing the moment. That's what I strive for I want my clients to show me their true colors, because they make the best photos. Sure maybe most of these photos of my clients laughing they are not looking at me or my camera, but I know when I look at these photos are their smiles feel contagious.

The reason I chose to become a photographer, wasn't because of the money, or even all the fun technology I get to use. But simply, because I wanted to help freeze that moment in time where people are their most beautiful selves. When we see a picture of ourselves and we look amazing its like a little confidence boost in our day. If I can help one person feel that, it will always mean more to me than any amount of likes I receive on social media page, or the money I make.

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