Take The Risk!

You're sitting there crunching the same numbers you have been for over a year, getting ready to tell yourself that maybe in another year it will be the right time. When the truth is if we all waited for the right time, no successful person would ever be where they are today.

I'm a firm believer to earn big rewards sometimes we have to take big risks. Now, I'm not saying to throw your life savings away in a shady investment, or something you do not hold a passion for. BUT I am saying if you've always looked at amazing edited photos and thought you see yourself doing that, or if you're sitting there thinking if only you had the money you would buy that group of livestock you've always wanted to raise. Here's the thing LIFE IS SHORT! We live in reality where we don't know when our last day will be.

So go buy that camera, and become a photographer even if its only for yourself. Go buy the livestock! If you hold a passion for it, you won't think you wasted the money to purchase those assets, and you can always find a way to make it work, and take advantage of your resources. I am only twenty-years old and have already took some big risks in my life, with my biggest one taking out a beginning farmers loan to buy a whole flock of show lambs. Sure the timing may have been better a couple years later when I had graduated college, but some opportunities won't just sit there waiting like you think they might.

I could have thought another opportunity would present itself in a couple years, and that I have tuition to worry about paying for more than worrying about the costs of raising show lambs. I could have told myself I wasn't good enough yet to start a photography business, but then I wouldn't have gained all the amazing opportunities I have already had, or gained all the new editing skills I have over the last year.

So go ahead take the risk, I promise you, you will regret not taking the risk much more, then giving it a shot.

P.S. Feel free to checkout my show lambs, Royalty Show Lambs, FaceBook Page!

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