Planting Season In The Eyes of a Farmer's Daughter

It's that time of the year again, where planters are geared up and running through the fields everywhere you turn. It is a beautiful time of the year, but also a time of the year that is not taken lightly. If I had a penny for every time I have heard, "if it rains, we can do ______," I would be able to own my own farm by now, debt free.

Instead of having the privilege of being a millionaire's daughter and owning my own land, I get the undeniably better privilege of being a farmer's daughter.

Being a farmer's daughter, has taught me a lot over the years, with planting season being no exception. There's always either too much rain or not enough. Sometimes waiting for mother nature to cooperate takes more than just waiting, but also praying. As during this time of year churches in rural America are adding a special blessing for planting season, and for crops to grow.

Although, somethings have stayed about the same for planting season for several years, such as the strong faith farmers hold and rain controlling our schedules, there are parts of planting that have changed drastically over the years. Nowadays, a ride-along in the tractor during planting season with my dad or one of my older brothers, doesn't have me crammed in a corner of a tractor cab, that normally would be used as an arm rest. Instead, I get to ride in a "buddy seat," that is almost just as nice as the regular tractor seat itself.

Not only has the seating quality of riding co-pilot changed, but the view of driving the tractor itself anymore is evolving. More and more monitors are filling the tractors cab, but even cooler than all the data the monitors are showing that is being collected, is the capability of auto-steering. Auto-steering is becoming all the rage now in vehicles, but agriculture had it first. In our tractor that we use for planting, the tractor just follows a GPS signal, that appears on one of the monitors as a little white line, until the end of a row where the driver has to manually turn the tractor themselves. Watching the monitor screen showing the tractor driving itself is almost like watching a video game, but much more amazing, than gaining points on a score board, is farmers growing food to feed the world with this technology.

{Picture above showing one of the monitors in the cab of the tractor, along with in-app use of AgriSync app}

Taking time to prepare the field, plant it, keep it growing, and harvesting it takes a LOT of patience. Especially when the weather man just gave the worst forecast imagine-able, or a hail storm that hit, that you can only wait to see how much damage it left to your crop. Everyone in agriculture knows planting season isn't taken lightly, and takes up almost every waking minute. And if you ever happen to run into a farmer that is broken down, tread waters carefully, but more importantly thank them for their dedication to their honorable career.


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