We're More Than Just Tractors...

Apologize for lower quality picture, taken on my iphone at night.

We’re more than just tractors....

Recently, I was at a parade and heard that someone said, “it’s just a bunch of tractors, anyway.”

To hear someone say “its just tractors,” is similar to anyone during the Super Bowl saying it’s just football. I’m not even a football fanatic, but I know what it means to the people who are. I think that’s the important thing, is showing respect to those who dedicate their lives to a passion.

Especially showing respect when their passion is a driving tractor, and no it’s not always as cushy of a job as you may be thinking. Technology is crowding it’s way into the simple life of agriculture, with most equipment at least all having at least one monitor, if not 2 or 3! Farmers are having to troubleshoot problems on the fly, with technology that wasn’t there riding with them in the buddy seat 5 years ago.

More importantly though, a farmer’s job isn’t just giving him a way of life, it’s helping feed their neighbors, yes even the ones they may not like so much. Because that’s how we were raised, even if we don’t like someone, we show RESPECT.

So yes, to some it’s just tractors, whether it’s in a parade, or in a field, but to some of us it’s where we first learned to drive, family bonding time was made. And it wasn’t always peachy times either, it’s where we learned what to do in a time of a breakdown, it’s where my brother first learned how to become a mechanic, and it’s where my grandpa was several years ago in that same place.

From all the farmers out there, it’s more than just tractors, it’s family tradition and a hardworking career.


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