The DSLR to Start Your Photography Journey With (Nikon D3300)

If you are like me and love photography, you are always wondering what the best camera for you is.

I have always been interested in photography from a young age. First started by taking pictures of just things that were around me, for me that mostly meant nature and livestock, as I lived on a farm. The first camera's I learned to use were disposable film cameras, then small digital cameras, the ones that sometimes wouldn't even let you see your images you took, until you put the SD card in the computer....

However, as my interest in photography grew, and so did I. I kept asking my parents for a camera, whether it be for my birthday or Christmas that's what my heart was set on. The first camera my parents bought me was a Nikon Coolpix 34x zoom point and shoot camera. It took, and still does take very good quality photos, however one thing I continuously wanted was a quicker shutter speed to allow me to take motion pictures better. (I will say though that camera was pretty good at taking quick videos also, as I did use it to take a video project in college).

As my parents saw that I was still relentless with my passion for photography, one Christmas I was gifted the Nikon D3300 with two kit lenses. That camera, is what I built this photography business on. It is where I learned how to take the photos I shoot and edit them professionally.

It's a perfect size for beginners just starting to use a DSLR. It is altered to fit more of an intermediate/advanced amateur user. There is just enough settings that you feel in control of the photos you are taking, and enough settings to learn to keep you busy for awhile!

It is also is more affordable than professional geared DSLRs. With most Nikon D3300 kits pricing around $350-500 range, compared to professional ones geared at $1500 and upwards.

You can also purchase lenses for the Nikon D3300 that will . also later work on a full frame DSLR if you choose to upgrade in the future.

That is why I would recommend the Nikon D3300 and similar models as a great camera to start out with.

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