Upgrading to My Dream Camera {Nikon D750}

Now, even though I recommend most beginners to the DSLR world to start with the Nikon D3300, or similar model, I have started to outgrow mine. I started to crave a camera for a little more power as my own photography skills and knowledge increased. I also wanted to move up from a cropped sensor camera, to a full frame.

Along with this, I wanted a camera that would perform quicker, better HDR, and shoot in low light situations better. I researched and researched for the best camera for my needs and what photographers that I admired most shoot with. I came up the Nikon D750 with a 24-120 mm lens. If you asked my friends and family what I talked the most about the last year and a half they would joke that I sounded like an auctioneer crying out, when I would state the make and model of my dream camera.

Finally, for a college graduation present my parents surprised me with a card saying how they would buy me my dream camera. I again, did a little more research to ensure the Nikon D750 is what I wanted, and again I felt like it check on the boxes for me. It was more of a professional grade camera, and could easily outperform my previous DSLR. I was so excited I even ordered it from B&H photo because they gave free 1 day shipping!

Now, I'm fully outfitted with my new Nikon D 750, I'm still learning how to operate fully as it has several more features than my previous camera, and the operating system is geared at a professional more than an amateur or beginning enthusiasts. I'm so excited to keep trying my Nikon D750 out, if you'd like to book a session with me to help me gain more experience operating my camera, shoot me a message or email mentioning this blog post, and I will let you know about an exclusive deal! {deal expires July 2019}

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